Images of the Northern Catskills 

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About Francis

Francis X. Driscoll is an award winning nature photographer, whose work has appeared in many publications, including National Geographic Explorer and Cynthia Dantzic’s art book 100 New York Photographers.  He grew up in the Bronx, where he experimented with photography as a young man, and he eventually went on to travel the country, settling in California for a time and working in the film industry.  When he returned to the East Coast, he found his way to the Catskill Mountains, and it was there he took up photography on a regular basis and began to rediscover a talent only glimpsed in his youth.  Over the years he has captured some of the most iconic images of the Great Northern Catskills, and his work evokes a sense of understanding for what inspired the birth of the Hudson River School of Art nearly two centuries ago.  Driscoll won a national award from the North American Nature Photographer’s Association for his piece Apple in Winter, which depicts a lone apple tree sitting amidst a snow-covered landscape and appearing to grip the snow that lays atop its branches almost as though to avoid the barrenness of the season.  His piece Rainbow Over Kaaterskill Clove, which depicts a shot taken from the top of a falls with a rainbow arching over the clove and the Hudson River Valley in the distance, is featured on the cover of the 2012 I Love New York magazine.  His photography is featured in corporate collections, the textbooks of Harcourt Publishing, and a myriad of travel brochures and magazines.  He is a regular contributor to Kaatskill Life, and his commercial clients include Daimler Chrysler, Benjamin Moore Paints, and Michelin Tires.  Driscoll is a self-taught photographer, whose work involves total immersion in a setting so that he might capture that rare glimpse and share it with others.  His primary subject is the Catskill Forest Preserve, and his best shots are often hard-won through years of returning to the same place with a sense of expectation for the beauty that might be revealed to him on any given day.  He shares his craft with others by leading hikes, conducting workshops and giving private instruction, and his book Images of the Northern Catskills, is a celebration of his work.